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Baratang Island is found between Middle and South Andaman Islands. around, a hundred and ten Kms from Port Blair, Baratang Island is another major attraction for many of the traveler visiting the islands. What would you expect after you visit a tropical island? Dense Forest, Tribes, Mangroves, boats, beaches, birds, caves, trekking, volcanoes; Baratang has all of those to supply.

Journey to the current Island is associate audacious one. Your trip starts early within the morning from Port Blair in a very piece vehicle, sometimes a Government Operated traveler bus. The bus takes its route through the Andaman Grand highroad, that connects Port Blair to South, Middle, and North Andaman. presently you'd leave the town behind and labor under scarcely inhabited areas. The jungle on each side throughout your travel would be a treat to observe. On your means you'd labor under Jirkatang, the number of decade past folks feared to remain or labor under these places due to attacks by the native tribes WHO sometimes accustomed return to those places in search of food. till recently, the government has created efforts to assist and shield these tribes once that the attacks on folks staying or passing through these places were reduced. once reaching Jirkatang, the bus would take a pit stop for a few refreshments and a pair of security personnel would board the bus for the safety of each traveler and tribes. you'd currently labor under the Jarawa Tribe reserve, the reserve controlled and operated by government for defense of the Jarawas against diseases from that they are doing not have innate immunity. the govt additionally provides medical care to those endemic tribes.

On your means from Jirkatang to Middle Strait, you may get a chance to work out these tribes on the road. it's suggested to not provide any food or take photos of those tribes throughout this point. Interacting with them, giving them food or clicking their photos is strictly prohibited and may be a punishable offense. once passing through the social group reserve you'd reach Nilamber barrier. you'd then be transferred to a vehicle ferry, which might take you to Baratang Island. These ferries will accommodate buses, trucks, cars & bikes. Upon reaching Baratang barrier you may take a (boat), these boats would take you thru dense mangroves to achieve the place to begin of your journey to achieve the rock caves. The journey to the cave may be period expertise for a few. labor under walkways created by cutting through dense forest and huge stones. within the cave, the temperature is under outside. The cave contains lovely cave formation. rock is usually created of the mineral spar (calcium carbonate). rock is incredibly soluble, that means it's simply dissolved. Rainwater picks up carbonic acid gas within the air and a weak answer of acid is made. This water will dissolve rock over time, making a cave. Travelers also can decide to visit Parrot Island and Rangat. you'd need to reside Baratang for Parrot Island and may reside Rangat if you planned to go to the cloth covering from Rangat.

While returning to Port Blair, all vehicles wait at the check post at Baratang barrier. Once all the vehicles have reached the check post, the check post gate is opened and vehicles will enter teams. the conventional time of gap this gate is at two.00 pm. Security folks board front and back vehicles (with a rifle). the identical forest journey is seasoned until the beginning check post towards Port Blair.

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