Jolly Bouy Island

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One among the foremost common excursion from Port national leader is to Jolly Bouy Island from WANDOOR, 30km southwest to Port national leader. The long white sand beach here is full of the dry, twisted trunks of trees torn up and flung down by annual cyclones. it's fringed not with palms however by dense forest. you must solely snorkel here at high water because the corals are simply broken once the water is shallow.

The route to the Jolly buoy is same for visiting Red Skin island conjointly. each Jolly buoy and Red skin are placed at Mahatma Gandhi park. the traditional time deed to Jolly buoy island at Wandoor beach is at nine.00am. confirm to succeed in Wandoor beach before nine.00am. All the ships leave at the identical time and are available back along. Jolly buoy could be a No Plastic zone. Before deed to Jolly buoy island, folks should submit the list of all plastic things at Wandoor beach.

Visitors will relish the below water coral read through snorkeling or glass bottom boat. As a typical trip, whereas obtaining down from the ship and transferring to the island through little boats, guests are going to be taken through a ride and can be shown these below water corals through glass bottom, snorkeling is typically enclosed during this trip. although this is often just for a really short length (5 to ten minutes). folks willing to work out additional of those will rent a ship severally and luxuriate in. further quantity needs to be bought every ride for thirty to forty-five minutes.

At Jolly buoy, there's no correct place for ever-changing the dress, particularly for girls and youngsters. make sure of your belongings whereas you're delighting in the ocean by keeping someone escorting your things. There don't seem to be shelter to require care of yourself throughout the time of year. therefore avoid visiting this place throughout rainy days. Carry some bed sheets which can facilitate in reposeful during this place whereas sitting and conjointly for taking food. remember to scrub the place and collect all wastages and place it in a very waste box or cowl and produce these back. guests will relish the island up to two.00pm and therefore the come journey starts around two.00 or 2.30pm. Jolly buoy and Red Skin island are opened for six months as an alternative in a very year to guard live corals. Before coming up with your Andaman & Nicobar trip, confirm that Jolly buoy island is open for guests (if you're aiming to see this island). once the Jolly buoy island is closed for guests, typically Red skin island is going to be opened for guests.

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